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Human Hair Extensions Reviews

Hair extensions look natural without anyone noticing and women look beautifully longer and thicker tresses by wearing hair extensions, hair wigs. While you choose hair extension then it must be match with your own hair type and color. If it does not match then there is no use for wearing this and it will look seamless. Choosing the right hair extensions is key, though. If you don’t get the right type, length, weight, and color, the hair extensions will look obvious rather than seamless. With so many faux tresses on the market, how do you find the right extensions for your hair? Ready to buy hair extensions? Take a look at the product. For more on how to choose and wear hair extensions, just keep reading.

Type of Human Hair REMY HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS High-quality Remy Hair comes from several donors wherein the strands are cut on a full length. Remy hair extensions don’t have to be in its virgin state, as long as all of the cuticles are intact, and the strands follow the same direction. Original Remy hair should be free from tangling and matting even after several washes. This is the best recommended hair type for weave fanatics who want high-quality products. BLONDE HAIR EXTENSIONS Blonde Hair Extensions is the expensive hair and very rare to find. Blonde hair is typically considered by many hair extensions reviews based on its naturally straight and silky texture. REGULAR WEAVE HUMAN HAIR These extensions are formed from human hair that is collected from the floor of temples and salons. As the collecting method is arbitrary, the cuticles are most probably in different directions. So cover the problem, manufacturers use chemicals to completely strip the cuticles of the strands. Regular Human Hair is considered the lowest grade quality among other types of human hair in the market. This hair type doesn’t tolerate color treatment or heat. Therefore, this type of hair is good for one-time uses only.

TOP QUALITY WEAVE HUMAN HAIR This type of Weave Human Hair is the best quality and it is collected from a single downer and known it as temple cut hair. This type of hair all cuticles are in same direction from tip to bottom. It is unprocessed human hair the natural waves are there along with shining and softness. Therefore, it is the priority to the customer to buy as it is little expensive than other. FULL WEFTS Most hair extensions are full sections of hair, known as wefts. Each set of hair extensions typically has a variety of wefts in different sizes, with some for the back of your head and others for the sides. Full wefts work best for adding length and thickness to your hair. HAIR PIECES Some hair extensions are specific hair pieces to create certain styles. Ponytails and buns are the most common hair pieces, but you can also find clip-in bangs that instantly transform your look. Keep in mind before BUYING HAIR EXTENSIONS

HAIR TYPE Hair extensions are made from either natural or synthetic hair. Natural Human Hair extensions are usually more expensive, for the most durable, natural-looking hair extensions, it’s best to buy in those made with natural hair. Natural Hair can be colored and heat styled. It blend better with your own hair. and they are less likely to shed and tangle. Low-cost synthetic hair extensions don’t blend as easily with your hair, and they usually can’t be colored or heat styled. They also tend to shed and tangle easily. HAIR WEIGHT If you’re using hair extensions to increase hair volume then weight is an important factor to consider. The weight of hair extensions is measured in grams, and you can find extensions that weigh as little as 35 grams and as much as 190 grams. COLOR Selecting a right color to match your original hair it is a difficult part. You’ll typically have more success with a brand that offers a large shade range. That way, you’re more likely to find a color that matches your natural shade. However, if you can’t find a perfect shade match, you can go for natural extensions and have them dyed to match your natural hair. NUMBER OF PIECES In general, if you’re only looking to add thickness, 3 or 5 pieces are usually enough to do it. If you want to add length, then you will almost want as many pieces as possible, so 7 to 10 pieces set is good. Hair extensions with full wefts of hair typically include more than one piece. Sets can vary in their number of pieces from as few as 2 to as many as 10. TEXTURE

Before purchase hair extensions you must match the texture of the hair extensions with your natural hair. For example, If you buy wave hair extensions and your natural hair is straight, you won’t be able to blend in the extensions as easily. Here is the hair extension texture type. · Straight · Wavy · Curly HAIR LENGTH · 8” to 12”: extensions hit above the shoulders. · 14” to 16”: extensions hit between the top of the back and the bra strap. · 18” to 20”: extensions hit between the mid- and lower back. · 22” and longer: extensions hit the tailbone or lower for major drama.


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